Please note that due to the increase in costs associated with repairs and staff attending exhibitions we now cannot undertake any more repairs.


Repairs and service.

We no longer do a repair or service facility. Costs have increased to such an extent that cost efficient repairs can no longer be offered.

Lighting Installation

We are pleased to announce that we now offer lighting installation kits. Functional on both analogue and DCC, these simple lighting conversions add so much more realism to your engines and rolling stock!

Below are some photos of Hornby’s Northern Rail Settle Carlisle Class 156 DMU post lighting coversion.

DCC Installation

Have a loco that you want a decoder installing in? We can fit both DCC Ready and non DCC locos. Simply fill out the below form.


We offer a weathering service for your loco or rolling stock.

We can weather your existing stock or we can weather newly bought items. Please get in touch for details.