Cobalt iP Digital (12 Pack)

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DCC Concepts Cobalt iP Digital (12 Pack) – “Intelligent Power” DCC/DIGITAL Point Motors.

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Cobalt iP Digital “Intelligent Power” DCC Digital Turnout Motor

Twelve Cobalt iP Digital “Intelligent Power” DCC Digital Turnout Motors with all installation accessories including mounting screws and one of our very popular double-sided foam mounting pads.

The Cobalt-iP Digital’s super-low static current draw means very low power bus loading and the Cobalt-iP Digital is also able to cope with a very wide range of DC or DCC power supply voltages. We prefer 9~12V regulated power for DC, but any DCC voltage from 7 to 23 volts is acceptable.

Cobalt-iP Digital is supplied with the throw bar already centred for easy installation.

You can activate and de-activate self-centring and even swap the throw direction with a simple software command. This allows easy matching to layout needs, software driven computer displays, track diagrams or computer control.

With Cobalt-IP “Intelligent Power” Digital Motors, you also have all the connection versatility you could ever need already built in. Frog power needs only one added wire, and a totally separate SPDT changeover switch can facilitate interlocking, control of signal feather indicators or ground signals, etc.

Cobalt iP Digital also features the ability to add panel switches or control via DCC. The connection terminals used for panel switch connection are also able to give direct high/low state computer or DCC system feedback, so one motor really CAN do it all.

Add to the above the ability to work with DC and super-simple wiring or DCC operation, or to combine digital and analog control… and Cobalt iP Digital really is the best choice for all layouts, no matter how you choose to power the trains!

All of this – with a lifetime warranty!