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Manufacturer – DCC Concepts

Product number – DML-PSK

OO Gauge / scale

Modern Station Passenger Information Screens (Kit)

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OO Gauge Passenger Departure Information Screen Pack

Pack Of 6 Boards Includes:
4 Overhead Information Screens
2 Large Overhead Information Screens
10 x Pre-Cut Self Adhesive Information Sign Stickers
Ready for painting to suit your installation.

Railway Passenger Information Screens (PIS) are display screens installed in railway stations and onboard trains to provide passengers with real-time information about train schedules, routes, delays, and other important information. These screens are typically located at strategic locations within railway stations such as platforms, concourses, waiting areas, and ticketing areas, as well as within trains themselves.

The information displayed on the screens can include train departure and arrival times, expected delays, platform numbers, route maps, service disruptions, safety and security announcements, and other relevant information that passengers may need to plan their journey or make informed decisions while traveling.

PIS displays are typically electronic and may use technologies such as LCD or LED screens, and are often connected to a central computer system that receives real-time data from various sources such as train tracking systems, weather updates, and maintenance reports.

The purpose of railway PIS is to enhance the passenger experience by providing timely and accurate information that enables passengers to plan their journey and make informed decisions while traveling.